Why Exercise is Important for Children

Why kids should exercise

It may seem like an obvious fact to most people but not everyone is aware of just why kids need to get out & exercise every now & then. So why exactly is this so important for all of the kids across the world? Well, Dr. Jordan Sudberg is here to explain why it is so paramount for the kids to get out into the fresh air & exercise for a good portion of the day. So, this is what he has to say on the subject as he does his best to explain it to the parents of the world. So, the first thing he notes is the fact that the kids have a lot of energy & as such, need a healthy and productive way to get it out. This is why exercise is so important for them as they try to expend all of the energy they store when they sleep at night. It is also important to note that exercise is one of the most important ways for people to stay in shape. So, unless they want their kids to get fatter over the years, they need to let their kids get out to play with the others in the neighborhood. We hope they have fun as they explore the world at large. It’s also important because many studies have found that getting a proper amount of exercise is not only good for their physical health, but it helps them to be able to focus more on school as well. So, if there is a kid that does not seem to be able to sit still & do what the teacher or parent is instructing, this may be because the kid is not getting enough exercise each day. This may also lead to them doing better on tests & other types of schoolwork in the long run as they do their best to get top marks in their classes. The fact is kids simply were not made to sit still for 8 hours a day so if their kids are not able to do well in school, it may not be the worst idea to pull them out for a day or two & let them run around the park or something. One of the things to keep in mind is that kids also do need a lot of sleep so make sure they go to bed on time. If their kids seem to be a bit more lethargic, this may be a sign that they’re getting too much exercise & not enough sleep. So, the key is to regulate how much exercise they get & make sure they have just enough of both. This is just one of the many perks of making sure the kids have been getting a lot of exercise over the years. So, if one wants to keep their kids happy & healthy, they should listen to what Dr. Jordan Sudberg has to say. It’ll make them feel much better in the future.

Planning for Your Children’s Future  

Think about the impact a father has on their child’s development? Studies show that children are impacted immensely by the action or in-actions of their fathers. The studies also show that the actions whether good or bad can have extended effects on a child that manifest in adulthood.

 Findings from decades of research show that the father-child relationship is of great importance and significance. While adults might share the view that a father can be secondary in a child’s upbringing, children don’t share this view. As far as children are concerned, their dad’s care and affection are non-discretionary.

There is a Catholic priest that was once famously quoted saying that,” give me a child, and in 7 years I will give you a man”. Here, the priest is trying to say that the ways taught to a child till they reach the age of 7 will stay with the child into adulthood. It is, therefore, evident that children are like sponges. Parents, guardians, and caretakers should understand that kids tend to absorb everything from their surroundings. These could be mannerisms and vocabulary.

Fatherhood should have more parenting and less of playing catch. Dads also need to be proactive in their kid’s life. Being a role model is important. Parents who have healthy habits pass down those traits to their children. Cory Harow has a career in the field of medicine that he takes seriously like his professional career. The MD believes that parents should also teach their children how to function within society.

In addition to having a career in the field of emergency medicine, the proud father of four also served in the Israeli Defense Force. While the two professions are different, some of the basic core values that they teach are identical. The career in the army and emergency medicine instilled dedication, discipline, and empathy. Harow explains that these traits should be taught to children so that they can develop into fully functional adults.

We live in a technologically advanced world. These days, even children almost have unrestricted online access—something some people find unhealthy. Harow understands that the impact technology can have on a child, and this is why he allows his kids to access technology, but with limited screen time. The former military officer believes that doing this helps children to understand that technology is a tool, but not an extension of themselves.
Cory Harow knows that University education is important in safeguarding his children’s future. Besides taking his kids to the best schools, the father of four is also saving up for his kid’s college tuition with the hopes of securing admissions to leading institutions of higher education. University education is very important, and Harow believes that it is an important stepping stone to better career prospects. With a university education, the doctor is confident that kids will be on the right track to success.

Rachel Harow: How to Keep Your Kids Positive

It’s important to focus on the triumphs your family makes rather than the mistakes. Children are bound to be testing at times, it’s their job. Being a patient parent is something that takes time to acquire but is a necessary skill for raising children. Rachel Harow, an outstanding mother, has been put through many tests and nevertheless, still keeps the hope for her children high. During the pandemic, many may feel lost or disconnected. Kids, more than anyone, are bound to have questions about why they must stay home and why. For younger children, wearing a mask will become something they are taught to do as soon as they step into a school. The educational environment is doing its best to adapt to the given circumstances. Harrow recommends a few ways to keep the spirits of your loved ones high during the pandemic. 

Rachel enjoys spending some time on Pinterest. This app allows her to be much more creative and lucrative with her decision making. There is an infinite amount of activities she has gathered from the app that her children find pleasure in doing. Art and crafts are a great way to distract young ones from the harsh realities of the world. Whether it’s creating slime, coloring their favorite animated characters, or baking sweet treats, it’s bound to help children feel more at ease. Harow also suggests that taking time away from electronics is very important for the development of young children. With schools taking incentives to remain online, kids get about eight hours of screen time a day. That’s so much! Harow tries to focus the attention of her children on something that doesn’t involve screens so that their eyes can catch a break. Creating slime is a way for them to get their hands dirty and away from devices.

Many people undervalue how important it is to notice how a child expresses themselves. By throwing tantrums or crying episodes, it may be a sign they are in some form of turmoil. Having kids journal about their thoughts or communicate how they are feeling at any given moment is highly recommended. Harow uses a technique that almost tricks them into expressing their emotions. By giving each child a little piece of paper, Rachel tells her children to draw a face. By face, she means simile, frowny, or angry. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter what the draw is because there are endless emotions they could be feeling. According to Corporation Wiki, Rachel has used this technique for years and recommended it to all her friends. 

Moreover, if a child draws a frowny face they are more inclined to talk about how they are feeling. The fact they are willing to collaborate on what their true feelings are is paramount. Some children would just draw a smiley face even if they were truly sad. Thus, that’s why there is much more opportunity to help a child who admits to sadness than not. Harow would pull her child aside if they ever presented a sad face, and talk to them one on one. She would ask them if something happened with their siblings, friends, or something online. As the virtual world grows, it’s important to remember how prominent cyberbullying is. Almost 90% of people have been cyberbullied in some way, shape, or form.  Of course, if a child is ever being harassed or bullied it’s up to the parents and peers to fix the issue. It is a difficult task to be an educator, especially online. Bullying can happen on any platform and in many ways. That’s why it’s crucial to do research about an institution before sending a child there. Katz Hillel Day School is a great example of a school dedicated to ensuring all children are happy. It allows students to be transparent about any issues they might have and ensures a positive outlook on any problems. Harow enjoys being part of the team there because of how positive they are about social change and community incentives. Keeping kids happy is a parent first job. Although it may not be easy, once a child grows up, they will be thankful for the bond they have with you and the help you’ve given them to flourish.