Latest Changes in Leadership

Latest Changes in Leadership

Jordan Sudberg, MD, is a pain management specialist. Along with his team, Dr. Sudberg specializes in hip and knee replacements, shoulder joint surgery, and cartilage repair. For several years, his peers have recognized him as a top physician in Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery. Here are some of the latest changes in leadership that his team has instituted at UPMC in the past year.

1. Implementing Hybrid Working Options

UPMC offers flex time to facilitate a variety of work schedules that include time off during breaks in the day, such as lunchtime and early morning coffee breaks. Dr. Sudberg says this has been an excellent success for his team, with performance rising and a sense of camaraderie among the staff. He notes that many working moms find this new arrangement particularly helpful in managing their balance of home and work. Also, team members could get to know each other better in the relaxed environment of coffee breaks and lunchtime conversations.

2. Paying for Health Insurance

This year, the UPMC Human Resources department began allowing each staff member to choose their health insurance plan. This change gives employees more control over their health care and saves the hospital a great deal of money. For example, Dr. Sudberg has seen that his coverage through UPMC is much less expensive than it would be because he has access to a wider variety of covered services with the package provided by UPMC.

3. Providing Sabbaticals for Long-Term Staff Members

Dr. Sudberg notes, “It can be difficult for many long-term team members to adapt to change after twenty years or more with one employer. A sabbatical program allows them to relax, take a break from the routine, and come back refreshed.”

4. Offering Flexible Scheduling for New Moms

UPMC has implemented several programs to encourage a more family-oriented workplace. For example, women may return to work whenever they are comfortable, taking as much time off after delivery as needed. The hospital also provides counseling regarding breastfeeding, mother/father bonding time with their newborns, and daycare options for older children.

5. Encouraging Employee Involvement in the Community

The UPMC Human Resources Department promoted a community relations program that allows employees to choose from various service opportunities, including volunteering at a local hospital and reaching out to inner-city youth through sports. Dr. Sudberg says that this is an excellent way for employees to connect with their communities and contribute to improving them.

6. Changing Skill Set Requirements

Instead of having a small number of highly trained specialists, UPMC allows the staff to choose their professional development. The hospital offers a variety of educational and experiential programs to fill the needs of individual team members. Dr. Sudberg notes that this provides more opportunities for advancement and helps employees feel more satisfied with their jobs.
This year, Jordan Sudberg has seen his team take strides in professional development, teamwork, employee satisfaction, and overall happiness at the workplace. To continue these trends, the UPMC Human Resources department offers a general philosophy of creating a healthy work environment with various programs for individual employees. Dr. Sudberg is proud that UPMC has recognized the need to support the staff to maintain optimal performance.