Best Airlines to Fly

Travelling and flying have become a fundamental element of our modern-day life. Some numerous airlines and airports facilitate and make these trips a reality. Some airlines can cause your air travel an exciting experience or otherwise make it a nightmare. Travelers such as Helen Lee Schifter, who enjoy traveling, regularly emphasize an airline’s reputation and customer ratings. Arriving at one destination in pleasure rather than in pain is the core mandate of these airlines. Airlines provide facilitation and other amenities that ensure customers’ journey is memorable, and in return, the customers offer excellent ratings. Various airlines are operating in the United States, and the following are the best airlines to travel with based on customer satisfaction and overall ratings.

1. Delta Air Lines

If you happen to take a random survey and present a questionnaire to air travelers trying to find their opinion on the best airline in the United States, one of the airlines that will feature proudly is Delta Airlines. Delta Airline gets ranked among the best United states carriers due to several reasons centered around customer service.

First, Delta Airline gets some of the highest customer rankings due to its on-time arrival and departure schedule. On average, the airline receives a rating of 83 percent. Delta Airlines has maintained a reputable record since the year 2019, where its flights arrive within 15 minutes of the estimated arrival time. It translates to fewer delays, something frequent travelers like Helen Lee Schifter find convenient. On the other hand, Delta airline comes with one of the most extensive routes covering almost every city in the united states. It provides reliability and trust among travelers. Alternatively, Delta Airline comes with one it’s kind flyer programs that is robust and perfect for its customers. Its lounges spread across all the airports they operate are state-of-the-art. With Delta Airlines, customers are guaranteed confirmability and world-class entertainment with its executive back seats equipped with TVs.

2. JetBlue Airline

JetBlue Airline is yet another highly-rated American-based airline due to its excellent customer service. JetBlue offers an awesome economy cabin and expansive legroom than most of its competitors in the air travel business. Consequently, JetBlue offers one of the perfect dining experiences while onboard as its passengers enjoy frequent free drinks and snacks. At the same time, the airline has in all its carriers fitted with fast Wi-Fi connectivity. Such extras have seen the customer ratings for this airline skyrocket expeditiously.

Another critical parameter that passengers use to rate their traveling experience with an airline is its infotainment system. JetBlue comes with one of the advanced infotainment systems. Every seat on any JetBlue carrier comes fitted with a seat back touch screen TV, Spotify, an extensive library of movies, and a SiriusXM radio. The customers traveling onboard JetBlue had an easy time full of entertainment throughout their flight. Lastly, the airline provides some of the best meals and menus to its passengers from a host of chefs and experts making cuisines worldwide. Travelers have an opportunity to taste some of the best foods prepared by French chefs who operate as a team on this airline.