Tourist Attractions in Australia

Tourist Attractions in Australia

Australia is truly a land of dreams. It acts as the smallest continent in the world and yet made of the largest island in the world. Australia is a vast country made up of a blend of nature, from coral reefs, rainforests to the enormous red desert. All this makes Australia an important tourist site for people all over the world. This article will mention a few dream destinations in Australia and give some descriptions of the place to increase your spirit of adventure for this beautiful continent, just like Shalom Lamm and his family.

1. Opera house in Sydney.

The Opera house is a UNESCO world heritage site; it is the most known structure by many people in the world when asked about Australia. The huge shell-like shapes that cover the exterior of the building create a site worth a visit. It is considered among the world’s greatest architectural structures. The building location is ideal as it is surrounded by water on its three sides. Inside the building, a wide range of services are offered, like; being toured around the building, restaurant services, concert hall entertainment, and exhibition rooms.

2. Melbourne

It is the second-largest city in Australia. Like many cities, Melbourne offers a wide range of services, from; galleries, restaurants, and green parks. Among the relaxing spots to check should be the Royal botanical garden and the national gallery of Victoria. During summertime, tourists can catch some cricketing action in the Melbourne cricket ground.

3. The Harbour Bridge in Sydney.

Also called the coathanger, the bridge is a major tourist attraction and a known structure globally. The structure is the largest steel arch bridge globally, which was built in the early nineteen thirty. The structure has a height of 134 meters and a length of 500 meters. It acts as a connection point between Sydney’s north shores and its central business district. The bridge has eight lanes of road lanes, two railway lines, and a pedestrian path. From the top of the bridge, the breathtaking sight of the harbor and the city comes into view.

4. Uluru-Kata Tjuta national park.

Uluru is among the natural wonders in Australia, located deep in the red central parts of the country. The monolithic structure is situated in the center of Uluru-kata Tjuta national park, a world heritage area. “Uluru,” which means the shadow place, has a height of three hundred and forty-eight meters and is surrounded by a flat plain. The park has many sacred sites, which can be better appreciated when guided by a tour guide through the park.

5. The great barrier reef marine park.

The great barrier reef marine park is considered among the world’s largest living structures; it can be viewed from outer space and is listed as a world heritage site. The park comprises three thousand coral reefs, six hundred continental islands, three hundred coral cays, and inshore mangrove islands. The park houses one of the world’s wonders. The marine life in the park includes both hard and soft corals, which give shelter to more than sixteen hundred species of fish and other water animals. Tourists can also use the glass bottom boats to view the magnificent sights of the coral reefs. I hope this article has provided enough information to increase your interest in visiting this beautiful country soon like Shalom Lamm and his family. Best of luck in identifying a suitable site!