Activities to do on a Rainy Day

Activities to do on a Rainy Day

A rainy day can dampen anyone’s mood or interfere with plans. Rainy days can carry a negative connotation in connection with outdoor activities. Things can get boring or become a nuisance when feeling confined to indoor options or to activities that withstand torrential downpours and lightning storms. However, picnics, pool days, beach excursions, and hiking aside there are many activities that Mother Nature cannot intrude upon. Andrew Napolitano, news analyst and syndicated columnist, has great pastimes that can weather any rainy day. For instance, he is the author of nine books on legal matters and politics. Reading and writing are an easily accessible rainy-day activity that can just the same transition into an any-day activity that many enjoy. Rain or shine, writing is one skill that can be honed during downtime. Even if the writing starts as a journal entry, diary notes, or brainstorming interests, it can lead to something worth publishing and sharing. It only takes small steps and a beginning to accomplish amazing things.

Napolitano is a Princeton University and Notre Dame Law School graduate who entered private practice, taught law, and sat on the New Jersey bench. When thinking about rainy day activities, law may not come to mind straightaway, or at all. Still, it is a great hobby to specifically seek out more knowledge on laws and rights. For example, what is the difference between a law and a right? What are some common federal laws? What is the Bill of Rights? If these questions cannot be easily answered, perhaps it could become a source of inspiration to internet search, seek out books, watch videos, listen to podcasts, or turn on the news during a rainy time. Knowledge is power and any excuse to acquire more of it surely can liven up a day indoors with the mild, or loud, background noise of a storm.
Besides the more hands-on approaches to a rainy-day Napolitano style, there is also the option of binge-watching court television. Court television can be some of the most entertaining, but also enlightening, programming. It can be exciting to watch non-stop coverage of different trials and the attached analysis. Court proceedings can be live and make it easier for viewers to keep up with high profile cases as well as lesser-known ones, and discover old trials. In unprecedented times such as in a global pandemic, Court television allows viewers to safely stay connected to courtroom trials without having to physically attend and potentially contract viruses or simply have exposure to the elements, such as rain. Correspondent’s assessments add to the professionalism of the content and provide elaboration on the legal process. All in all, do not hesitate, and the next time a rainy day blows in, consider adding an Andrew Napolitano flair to your activities. Find a book, write about a passion, or watch a show, and if it has a legal theme, all the better. Enrich rainy interludes with legal awareness that just might turn into a passion never imagined or discovered.

Spring Activities

Do you have any spring activities lined up? This is time to shake off the winter blues and get the entire family active. What activities do you have planned for the spring? The leaves are unfurling and flowers are blossoming, it is time to enjoy some fresh air outdoors.

This is a great time to explore the outdoors and enjoy some spring activities. If you’re not sure about the activities to enjoy, don’t worry. You’re at the right place. We’ve compiled some interesting spring activities for you. Some of these activities bring families like Cory Harow together during these hard pandemic times. There are some exciting activities on the list below. Choose a few and try them out.

Blow Bubbles

Kids love blowing bubbles and enjoy as the bubbles become big and move up. This is a great way to keep family members outdoor and have them enjoy some sun. You can buy the bubbles at a local store or make them at home. It might appear like a kid’s game but blowing bubbles as a family creating lasting memories.

Play Hide-and-Seek

This is a classic game enjoyed by families across the world. It is springtime and this means you can head outdoors and explore the rising nature. The ground is getting warmer and you have different places to hide. Hide-and-seek is a favorite for most families allowing you to explore your outdoors as you look for a great spot to hide.

Cook Together

Cory Harow and his family spent time together cooking to help pass time during quarantine. You can also do this during spring. Cooking together is an all-time favorite when it comes to families spending time together and having fun.

It is a great time to take your kitchen outdoors and let every family member cook something. There is nothing that brings families together liking cooking and sharing a meal. You can even invite friends over and have a great outdoor time cooking.

Painting Crafts

With nature sprouting and bringing greener sceneries, this is a great time to paint some crafts. There is no limit when it comes to painting crafts. Make sure you grab some supplies from your local store and try to paint some pictures and crafts.

Do you have a birdhouse? This is great to test your DIY skills and build one. You can then have kids paint it.

Play Hopscotch

This is another all-time-great game that will help pass time and burn some calories. The game looks too simple but is very entertaining. Moreover, it is super fun to play at any age.

Plant Some Flowers

You don’t want to miss out on the great weather by not planting some flowers in the backyard or garden. It is a great time for kids to get their hands muddy and wet. Have each family member plant some flowers and water them daily as they watch them grow and flower.

Go for a Hike

Springtime is a great time to stretch the legs and experience fresh air outdoors. Look for a trail or a forest and go for a hike as a family. This is a great time to see animals come out of hibernation.

These are just a few activities to enjoy during spring. Make sure you get outdoors and have great bonding moments with family and friends as you enjoy the fresh air.