Kseniia Chursina Introduces Innovative Catering Service in Orange County

Orange County, California(Hexa PR Wire–April 5, 2023)–CEO Kseniia Chursina has introduced a new format of catering in Orange County through her venture, STUDIO CATERING. This catering service brings innovative dishes to the table and emphasizes high-quality service, positioning itself distinctively in the Orange County market. Designed as a high-service offsite restaurant, STUDIO CATERING delivers directly to homes and significant events.

A New Approach to Catering: Kseniia Chursina Debuts STUDIO CATERING in Orange County.
A new approach to catering: Kseniia Chursina debuts STUDIO CATERING in Orange County.

About Founder Kseniia Chursina

Kseniia Chursina, Founder of STUDIO CATERING.
Kseniia Chursina, Founder of STUDIO CATERING.

Kseniia Chursina, originating from Moscow, Russia, holds experience in marketing and business communications. She is the CEO of the marketing communications agency STUDIO 2112 in addition to leading STUDIO CATERING. Her background with her marketing communications agency in Moscow played a role in STUDIO CATERING’s growth, enabling her to devise business solutions and broaden the company’s reach. Ms. Chursina has successfully bridged her appreciation for European cuisine with the demands of the American market.


Initially established in 2018 in Moscow, STUDIO CATERING gained recognition for its catering services, catering to global events of noted brands. Emphasizing a blend of quality food, unique presentation, and exceptional service, the brand has marked its presence notably. Transitioning from its success in the Moscow market, STUDIO CATERING’s introduction to Orange County indicates its aspiration to influence and innovate in the local catering industry. As the firm continues its journey, it endeavors to impact Orange County’s catering scene and beyond.

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