Fleks Footwear Debuts With Launch of the East Beach Slide

Santa Barbara, California(Hexa PR Wire–March 22, 2024)Fleks Footwear, a new SantaBarbara-based footwear company, debuted Friday with the launch of their first sandal: the East Beach Slide. The slide, which is inspired by the surf culture and heritage of California’s southern coast, is made from 82 percent recycled high-performance foam and takes just tablespoons of water per pair to manufacture.

The company was founded by Leah Larson, a 30-year veteran of the footwear industry whose career in footwear creation, buying, and merchandizing for brands like Nordstrom and UGG anchors the new endeavor. A lifelong Californian and industry innovator, Larson found inspiration for Fleks in the laid-back culture of Southern California beach towns and steadying presence of the ocean.

Protecting Our Waters

“I’ve been fortunate to spend my career in an industry that prizes creativity and individuality. But as much as I love the industry for its creativity, as a Californian and someone who loves the ocean, it’s hard to see how much plastic foam waste the footwear industry generates annually — both through manufacturing and end-of-life for products,” says Larson. “So when I first heard about an innovative new manufacturing process that was giving new life to waste foam, I thought what better material to use for beach sandals than a material that actually protects our waters by diverting plastic from the waste stream?”

The innovative manufacturing process Larson found inspiration in was developed by Stuart Jenkins of Blumaka and transforms foam scraps from global footwear manufacturers into high-performance, durable foam that outlasts most of the materials on the market today. Larson and Jenkins partnered to develop FLEKSfoam, which utilizes Blumaka technology and is the material that makes up the East Beach Slide.

“Footwear brands have the privilege of choosing which materials to use in their products. And those choices impact the planet for better or for worse,” says Jenkins. “Fleks is the first brand to utilize the full potential of Blumaka technology, and right out of the gatethey’ve created a category-defining product. By choosing Blumaka, Fleks is deciding to use the foam other brands leave behind to pollute our planet. I’m proud of this partnership and I’m looking forward to working with Fleks to ‘flip the tide.’”

Clean Design

The resulting East Beach Slide has three main components: deck, strap, and outsole. The deck and strap are made from over 80 percent proprietary FLEKSfoam — which utilizes Blumaka foam — and the durable outsole is made with 15 percent recycled EVA. The company is currently in the process of finalizing a program which will take back pre-loved Fleks and recycle them into new products, extending the material’s life and product’s sustainability even further.

But it is not just the East Beach Slide’s sustainability credentials that Fleks’ founder believes will appeal to consumers. “The comfort and sleek design of the East Beach Slide are elements we took very seriously,” adds Larson. “This sandal is a wardrobe staple that transitions effortlessly from day on the beach to night out. It’s the perfect go everywhere, do anything slide.”

The East Beach Slide is Fleks’ flagship piece, but the collection is expected to grow in coming months, with subsequent releases also focused on sustainable manufacturing and materials. The East Beach Slide retails for $65 and is available in six color ways: Clear Day, Deep Blue Sea, Starfish, Night, Jungle, and Morning Coffee. The East Beach Slide is available direct to consumers through fleksfootwear.com or at Santa Barbara Running in Montecito, CA.

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