Clancey Braxton Yohman: Tips For Making More Sales In 2022

As the New Year kick starts, the focus of many businesses is on how to record more sales in 2022 than in the previous years. Regardless of the industry or the commodity being sold, there is always the common desire for an increased sale. Therefore, strategies to maximize sales has been evolving slowly over the years in response to the changing market trends. 

Clancey Braxton Yohman offers quality tips for sales and marketing and also renders business development strategies. He has a team of experts that offer these marketing services.

In this interview with Clancey Braxton Yohman,himself, he shares insights on how to make more sales in 2022.

Can you share one thing you wish you knew when you started out in marketing?

I will start by saying that all marketers are prone to making mistakes especially at the time of starting out. Most times, these are avoidable mistakes that should not be made if exposed to the right information.

For me, I wish I had learnt earlier that targeting the right audience is always key in marketing. No matter the utility of a product, if its marketing is not directed to the right group, sales will be adversely affected.

2020 and 2021, were a bit different from regular years. How was the marketing space affected?

In the last two years, we witnessed an unprecedented pandemic, COVID-19. This affected every sphere of human life including the business and marketing sector.

In relation to the marketing space, I will say the most significant difference from every other year is the model of marketing. Marketing activities moved from the traditional pattern and the online model was more in use.

This necessitated business owners to take actions that give their businesses more online presence. The use of websites, blogs, social media platforms and other online platforms became more prominent among business owners.

Can you share mistakes you see businesses practice that can affect their sales in 2022?

One of the top factors that affects the business’ sales is the product itself. Most businesses focus more on marketing and promotion rather than working on how to get a satisfying product to the consumers.

Once a product satisfies the customer’s needs and it is being sold at a reasonable price, it will definitely sell well. Therefore, in 2022, businesses should ensure that they produce top quality products with modifications to suit the ever-changing technology and the varying preferences of the customers. 

What challenges do you expect businesses to face in 2022 while trying to make sales?

Competition! The competition in the business sector increases on a yearly basis. 2022 will not be any different.

People are flooding that sector of the economy with budding entrepreneurs and renowned business organizations pushing to extend their customer base. However, the best way to distinguish yourself from your counterparts is to render a better sales experience with topnotch customer services.

Every business wants to make sales to make profit. What advice do you have for our readers to give their businesses an advantage in the market?

There are diverse strategies which businesses can use to maximize sales in 2022. However, as many as they appear to be, many businesses will still not apply them effectively. Nonetheless, I will recommend the following:

  • Maximize digital tools useful for your business        
  • Stay up to date on new trends in the industry including the use of NFTs in Digital Marketing
  • Keep your sales strategy one step ahead of your competitions
  • Create a sales plan that identifies specific actions
  • Increase your customer experience.