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  • How To Make Your Fleet Company More Profitable

    It doesn’t matter what kind of fleet you manage: if you want to boost profits and increase the lifespan of your vehicles, there are certain boxes you need to check. While most of these tips are one-time decisions or adjustments, most of them are overt and should be incorporated into your daily approach to driving

  • Understanding Millennial Characteristics in the Workplace

    It wasn’t that long ago that the term “millennial” first surfaced and we all wondered what in the world it meant. And now, the millennial generation that we all know and love is the largest in the country and in the workplace. For those born between 1980 and 2000, congratulations—you are part of the millennial

  • Tips For Starting Your Own Clothing Line

    Starting your own clothing line can be one of the most rewarding experiences an artisan and creator can pursue. Supporting the businesses of small, niche fashion designers is also tremendously rewarding for consumers because we are all becoming increasingly disillusioned by the soul-sucking emptiness of supporting mass-produced, sweatshop labor-based old economic models for outfitting ourselves.

  • Top Ten Tips on RFI Construction Management

    Big construction management projects from its inception to its completion exchange hundreds, if not thousands of RFI’s ( Request for Information) to and fro, making it an indispensable part of the construction process.  A well written RFI can increase productivity while mitigating risk while a badly written one can result in costly delays in the

  • 4 Tips to Reaching Your Target Market

    Reaching your target market is very important. This is because the market is comprised of people that specifically need the products or services that your business has to offer. In fact, targeted marketing guarantees high returns on your investment compared to when you focus on random people. The problem with most business owners is that

  • 5 Tips to Using SEO to Promote Your Dispensary

    Many dispensaries have taken the all-too-crucial move of taking their business online. Well-built websites are the best places to find information about a company. Online marketing or digital marketing is the newest way to reach potential customers. Implementing search engine optimization is an excellent way to market a dispensary. Here are five tips of using

  • Consult A Private Equity Due Diligence Expert Before Hiring New Executives

    The hiring process for a new corporate executive should include a thorough background check. A company puts itself on the line when an executive is granted access to their most private data. The records of their key personnel are exposed, as are the confidential financials of the company. With so much at stake, there is

  • 5 Tips to seeking a new job

    If you’re currently looking for a new job, it’s crucial to have specific objectives in terms of what particular job you want. Some people thrive in sales and marketing jobs while others do better in app design and development careers. Once you’ve established what you’re good at, conduct some research to find out which companies

  • How You Can Increase Employee Loyalty At Your Company

    Starting your own company is an accomplishment in itself but sustaining success can be a completely different challenge. One issue that many companies have is that of employee turnover due to a variety of factors. Unlike in the past there are plenty of people headhunting your employees if they have valuable skills in the job

  • 3 Ways You Can Become a Versatile Valuable Employee

    If all it took to succeed at the workplace was to arrive on time and do everything that your job description says you should, then moving up the career ladder would be fairly easy. It isn’t though and too many people end up stuck in a rut for decades and cannot seem to make much