5 Gift Ideas For The Vaper in Your Life

As an experienced vaper, you know that vaping culture is tight-knit. While about one in 20 American adults use e-cigarettes, the vape community can still feel small. So, it’s quite likely that some of the closest people in your life vape as well. This gives you friends to blow clouds with, and it makes gifting a whole lot easier.

If your friend, partner, or sibling has a special occasion coming up, you can make their day with some quality vaping accessories. Whether you want to be creative or help them upgrade their gear, a vape-related gift will be both practical and memorable. The following are some simple gift ideas for any special day.

A vape case

It’s never a smart idea to carry your vape in your bag unprotected, and this gift can keep your friend’s rig safe. Choose an exterior that matches your friend’s personality. Perhaps they prefer more understated designs or patterns to express themselves.

As for the inside, be sure to prioritize quality. Look for a velvet lining to protect the mod from scratching. If your loved one enjoys vape accessories, be sure that the case has space for multiple add-ons. You can also take this gift to the next level by choosing a waterproof model.

Branded clothes

Does your friend have a favorite vape brand? Check the company’s website to see if they have merch available. Gifts like t-shirts and hats will allow your friend to rep their favorite products and show off their love for vaping. Whether it’s a shirt with a company’s logo or some vaping-inspired wall art, this gift will be a great way for them to express their hobby and start conversations with other vapers.

A vaping gift box

Whether your friend is a well-seasoned vaper or just starting out, a gift box can be a thoughtful gift for a birthday or holiday. Vaping starter kits can be a great idea for newbie vapers. If they already have their own mod, add a few fun e-juice flavors, a small cleaning kit, new coils, and even a vaping pen.

For vaping masters, you can get more creative with the box, adding unusual flavors and practical items like vape batteries. You might even include a small book about vaping or similar novelty items.

New vape juice flavors

Every vaper is looking to try new e-juice flavors, so you can’t go wrong with this gift. Put together a package of diverse flavors for your friend to experiment with. You might include interesting flavors like Beetlejuice vape juice or a classic like chocolate.

If you’re feeling extra creative, try matching the flavors to the occasion. For new college graduates, select sophisticated flavors like tobacco and espresso. Seasonal flavors like peppermint and cinnamon can make a perfect holiday gift. For a friend with a summer birthday, include warm-weather favorites like watermelon and lemon.

An upgraded mod

Looking to splurge on a bigger gift for your friend or loved one? Then you should look into the latest mod designs and gift them a high quality model. If they’ve stuck to vape pens so far, they might love a more powerful box vaporizer. You might also pick out a smaller, more subtle mod for them to carry in their pocket. When picking out the perfect product, consider their lifestyle and how they want to upgrade their vaping technique.

Vape-themed gifts are thoughtful and practical for vaping enthusiasts. By picking out new and interesting products for your loved one, you’re brightening their day while supporting the vape industry. And if you’re lucky, they’ll be willing to share their new e-juice flavors and vape accessories with you.